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1972 Martin D-28

[1972 Martin D-28]


We have another Martin in stock!

Standard appointments and boomy tone that the D-28 is known for, this one sounds great! Jim Grainger scalloped the braces sometime in the 90's, and Steve Moore reset the neck in 2007. It also has Fossilized Walrus Jawbone nut and bridge saddle.

Wear and tear is pretty typical of a 40+ year old instrument that has been played. It mostly consists of pick tracks on the top and play wear on the neck around the first position.


[1972 Martin D-28 Neck joint]
1972 Martin D-28 Neck joint
[1972 Martin D-28 Headstock Rear]
1972 Martin D-28 Headstock Rear
[1972 Martin D-28 Full Back]
1972 Martin D-28 Full Back
[1972 Martin D-28 Top Detail + wear on top]
1972 Martin D-28 Top Detail + wear on top
[1972 Martin D-28 Headstock Front]
1972 Martin D-28 Headstock Front
[1972 Martin D-28 Full Front]
1972 Martin D-28 Full Front
[1972 Martin D-28 Neck Wear]
1972 Martin D-28 Neck Wear