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Gallagher G70

[Gallagher G70]

This is a brand new Gallagher G-70 Dreadnought. It features a Sitka Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Tonally, it has rich, deep lows and a sparkling high end. It has a modern fast-feeling neck with a distinctive "V" profile. It has the unique, punchy sound that only comes from Gallagher

Limited Lifetime Warranty and Hardshell case included


[Gallagher G70 Neck Joint]
Gallagher G70 Neck Joint
[Gallagher G70 Top Detail]
Gallagher G70 Top Detail
[Gallagher G70 Fingerboard]
Gallagher G70 Fingerboard
[Gallagher G70 Headstock Rear]
Gallagher G70 Headstock Rear
[Gallagher G70 Headstock]
Gallagher G70 Headstock
[Gallagher G70 ?Full Front]
Gallagher G70 ?Full Front
[Gallagher G70 Back]
Gallagher G70 Back
[Gallagher G70 Heel]
Gallagher G70 Heel
[Gallagher G70 Full Back]
Gallagher G70 Full Back