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1999 Huss & Dalton DM

[1999 Huss & Dalton DM]


Fantastic playing and sounding old Huss and Dalton guitar. Mahogany back and sides, and was ordered with the Flat top option, which boosts the bass response somewhat. A Fishman Matrix Infinity was installed at some point, and is fully functional.

This guitar has the assorted minor dings, scrapes and pick wear you would expect to see on an instrument that has been well-played for 18 years. All of which is cosmetic. I see no evidence of any repair work having been done to it.

Serial Number 207

Original Hardshell Case included.


[Huss & Dalton DM Full Front]
Huss & Dalton DM Full Front
[Huss & Dalton DM Heel]
Huss & Dalton DM Heel
[Huss & Dalton DM Rear]
Huss & Dalton DM Rear
[Huss & Dalton DM Ding]
Huss & Dalton DM Ding
[Huss & Dalton DM Top]
Huss & Dalton DM Top
[Huss & Dalton DM Pick Damage]
Huss & Dalton DM Pick Damage
[Huss & Dalton DM Headstock Rear]
Huss & Dalton DM Headstock Rear
[Huss & Dalton DM Fingerboard]
Huss & Dalton DM Fingerboard
[Huss & Dalton DM Headstock Front]
Huss & Dalton DM Headstock Front