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1916 Washburn 1115

[1916 Washburn 1115]

A piece of history, and it even plays good.

This is a Washburn Model 1915 Style 1115. Its serial number is 38385, which by my research and guessing dates it to around 1916. It has Brazilian Rosewood on the back, sides, fingerboard and headstock overlay. Mahogany neck, spruce top, and ebony bridge round it out. Size-wise, it's slightly smaller than a Martin size 1, but larger than a size 2.

We performed some restoration work on it, including crack repair on the top and back, replacement of a small piece of inner binding on the top, and a neck reset & bone saddle replacement. It arrived with no bridge pins, so we used bone pins with black dots. The neck has a small amount of relief, but not excessive, and the action is at 5/64" on the treble and 7/64" on the bass at the 12th fret. The nut is 1 3/4" wide and has not been replaced. The neck has a pronounced V shape, but is quite comfortable to play.

This is a consignment piece. $150 is for a new TKL hardshell case that we had in stock which fits this guitar nearly perfectly.


[1916 Washburn 1115 Full Front]
1916 Washburn 1115 Full Front
[1916 Washburn 1115 Headstock]
1916 Washburn 1115 Headstock
[1916 Washburn 1115 Headstock Rear]
1916 Washburn 1115 Headstock Rear
[1916 Washburn 1115 Full Rear]
1916 Washburn 1115 Full Rear
[1916 Washburn 1115 Back]
1916 Washburn 1115 Back
[1916 Washburn 1115 Bridge]
1916 Washburn 1115 Bridge
[1916 Washburn 1115 Bridge and Soundhole]
1916 Washburn 1115 Bridge and Soundhole
[1916 Washburn 1115 Label]
1916 Washburn 1115 Label