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Collings MTO Mandolin

[Collings MTO Mandolin]


Lovely and loud! This Collings MTO mandolin features a spruce top and curly maple back and sides. Gloss finish on the top, and a satin finish on the back and sides. It has X-bracing inside. Very loud mandolin with lots of sustain, with a deep, woody tone.

Minor fingernail scarring on the top, near the fingerboard. Other than that, it has very minor dings and scratches that we expect on a well played instrument.

Original case included.


[Collings MTO Back]
Collings MTO Back
[Collings MTO Full Rear]
Collings MTO Full Rear
[Collings MTO Headstock Rear]
Collings MTO Headstock Rear
[Collings MTO Soundhole]
Collings MTO Soundhole
[Collings MTO Headstock front]
Collings MTO Headstock front
[Collings MTO Full Front]
Collings MTO Full Front