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1966 Martin D-18

[1966 Martin D-18]

This is a very nice Martin D-18. 1966 was the last full year that Martin used the T-bar neck support, and I think that bar really adds something that the later guitars lack when they switched to the hollow neck support. The bridge and fingerboard are beautiful pieces of Brazilian Rosewood. It has a deep, full, rich tone, and solid sustain.

It has had a skillful neck reset performed in the last few years, and was refretted somewhat recently. This guitar should need nothing but strings for the next decade. It does have various dings, scratches, and wear that I would expect to see on a 53 year old guitar.

Hardshell case included.


[1966 Martin D-18 Full Back]
1966 Martin D-18 Full Back
[1966 Martin D-18 Back]
1966 Martin D-18 Back
[1966 Martin D-18 In Case]
1966 Martin D-18 In Case
[1966 Martin D-18 Headstock]
1966 Martin D-18 Headstock
[1966 Martin D-18 Full Front]
1966 Martin D-18 Full Front
[1966 Martin D-18 Top]
1966 Martin D-18 Top
[1966 Martin D-18 Neck Block]
1966 Martin D-18 Neck Block