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1967 Martin D-18

[1967 Martin D-18]


Great sounding old Martin D-18. We also did a neck reset on it, so it plays as good as a new Martin. It sounds much better than a new one, though.

1967 was a transitional year for Martin: They switched from the steel "T" bar neck support to a square hollow tube, and changed from the tortoise colored pickguard to a black one that the 70's guitars are known for. This guitar has the old-style "T" bar in its neck, which I think has a positive impact on the tone. We replaced its curling black pickguard (included in the case) with a tortoise guard cut custom for this guitar from Holter pickguard material. Holter is making some of the best around at the moment. There is also some nice subtle "bearclaw" in the Sitka spruce top.

All back and top cracks have been expertly sealed and cleated in the necessary spots. The top had one at the pickguard under the B string, and one down the lower bout from getting too hot and dry sometime in the past. The back had two as well, probably both from being too hot and dry. We did overspray the neck, due to severe finish damage from heat. We were able to maintain the original finish, but overspray was necessary for playability.

Very nice Tourtek hardshell case included.


[1967 Martin D-18 Full Front]
1967 Martin D-18 Full Front
[1967 Martin D-18 Headstock]
1967 Martin D-18 Headstock
[1967 Martin D-18 Top]
1967 Martin D-18 Top
[1967 Martin D-18 Headstock Rear]
1967 Martin D-18 Headstock Rear
[1967 Martin D-18 Neck Joint]
1967 Martin D-18 Neck Joint
[1967 Martin D-18 Full Rear]
1967 Martin D-18 Full Rear
[1967 Martin D-18 Back]
1967 Martin D-18 Back