Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair

About Us

Jim Grainger founded Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair. He built and repaired fretted instruments for over 40 years and acquired a wealth of knowledge in the history and particulars of many different brands of guitars and banjos. He insisted that high quality materials and workmanship go into every instrument that passed through his shop. He passed away in November of 2016.

Steve Moore has been with Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair since 1995. He does excellent repair work and has become a specialist in re-setting guitar necks. Steve is an accomplished musician and has a wide range of information about electric guitars.

Joyce Carroll works with customers to create designs in pearl inlay, pearl and metal engraving, and wood carving for their musical instruments. She also does designs and layouts for some of the special finishes that are offered here. Joyce is multi-talented -- she is an artist, engraver, wood carver, sings with the band Hickory Wind, and is a fine ventriloquist and does children's shows for the Summer Reading Program in many of the area libraries.