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[1929 Ludwig Kenmore Plectrum Banjo]1929 Ludwig Kenmore Plectrum Banjo

This Ludwig Kenmore is a plectrum banjo from approximately 1929 (Serial Number 6644). It features the original Planet tuners, and the original Geib case, with the Ludwig Banjos logo riveted inside the case lid.

[1938 Gibson L-00]1938 Gibson L-00


This is one of the cleanest prewar Gibsons that we have had pass through the shop. The guitar is completely original throughout -- no parts have been changed. One 6"-8" back crack that has been repaired some time ago, with a coupl...

[1939 Kay S-9 Bass]1939 Kay S-9 Bass


Very clean 1939 Kay S-9 upright bass. Sounds excellent and plays well.

No signs of delamination or top separation anywhere. One visible repair performed on the neck/heel area at some time in the past. Owner state...

[1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo]1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo


This is a retopped guitar. If you're looking for a perfect, all original instrument, you need to look elsewhere. If you want a fantastic playing and sounding guitar with all the character of a 50s Gibson for half the price, thi...

[1953 Martin 00-17]1953 Martin 00-17


A very clean 1953 Martin 00-17 just came through the door. Lovely warm tone, and the perfect size for playing on the couch.

Assorted dings and scratches, but this guitar is overall in fantastic condition. The neck is v...

[1956 Gibson ES 125]1956 Gibson ES 125


This is a nice 1956 Gibson ES-125. Plays great, with the action at 5/64" on the treble and 6/64" on the bass. Classic tone from the P-90.

At some point, someone converted this guitar to left-handed, including moving the ...

[1961 Gibson J-50]1961 Gibson J-50


This Gibson J-50 came into the shop a couple of years ago for some major repair, and we wound up replacing the back. This was probably the last major job that Jim Grainger had any part of. The body has a 1960 serial number, an...

[1963 Gibson Hummingbird]1963 Gibson Hummingbird


First off, this is a refinished guitar. It came to our shop stripped poorly with no binding, and the neck out with a box of parts. It's been in the shop for several years, and we spent time fixing it up during slower periods. W...

[1964 Gibson RB-180]1964 Gibson RB-180


A fine example of Gibson's response to the "Folk Boom" of the 60s. This is a Long neck banjo, similar to the Vega that Pete Seeger played. The RB-180 features a Mastertone tone ring, heavy plywood shell in a black finish, boun...

[1966 Gibson J-50 ADJ]1966 Gibson J-50 ADJ


Here's a 1966 J-50 (ADJ) in fantastic shape for its age.

This was sent in with a top crack that had been poorly repaired, leaving a dark line from the bridge all the way down the top. We cut that out and splined in a p...

[1966 Martin D-18]1966 Martin D-18

This is a very nice Martin D-18. 1966 was the last full year that Martin used the T-bar neck support, and I think that bar really adds something that the later guitars lack when they switched to the hollow neck support. The bridge and finger...

[1976 Gibson L-6S Custom]1976 Gibson L-6S Custom


Here's a Gibson L-6S Custom from 1976. Plays great and has a real diversity of sounds, ranging from thick and crunchy to thin and nasal.

Assorted minor dings and scratches. Tuners have been replaced with Kluson Deluxe ...

[1981 Yamaha FG-351SB]1981 Yamaha FG-351SB


This striking Yamaha FG-351SB hails from 1981. It's loosely copied after a Gibson Hummingbird, with large fingerboard inlays, stenciled pickguard and a beautiful cherry sunburst finish. In excellent condition, it does have a few min...

[1999 Huss & Dalton DM]1999 Huss & Dalton DM


Fantastic playing and sounding old Huss and Dalton guitar. Mahogany back and sides, and was ordered with the Flat top option, which boosts the bass response somewhat. A Fishman Matrix Infinity was installed at some point, and is...

[2000 Taylor W15]2000 Taylor W15


Stunning pearl inlay accents the awesome tone of Claro Walnut in this jumbo guitar.

This guitar was recently traded in with a cracked heel. We repaired the heel and while we had the bolts out went ahead and got the nec...

[2005 Ome Juniper Deluxe Resonator Banjo]2005 Ome Juniper Deluxe Resonator Banjo


This fine Ome Juniper Deluxe features curly maple neck and resonator and Nickel hardware, including Megatone tone ring. It has the chimey brightness charactistic of a maple banjo, and an even bell-like tone.

Serial # 48...

[2009 Taylor T3/B]2009 Taylor T3/B


This Taylor T3/B features a strikingly beautiful quilted maple top, and the wood has this amazing 3-dimensional look to it as you move the guitar around. It's standard for a Taylor T3/B in every other way. Humbucking pickups, Big...

[2018 Martin D-18]2018 Martin D-18


We just had this practically brand new Martin D-18 traded in, and it is a nice one. Steve got the setup just perfect, so it nearly plays itself. It's a standard new D-18, with Sitka top and Mahogany back and sides.


[Collings MTO Mandolin]Collings MTO Mandolin


Lovely and loud! This Collings MTO mandolin features a spruce top and curly maple back and sides. Gloss finish on the top, and a satin finish on the back and sides. It has X-bracing inside. Very loud mandolin with lots of su...

[Eastman AC422CE]Eastman AC422CE


The AC-422CE is a Grand Auditorium size, so it has some of the qualities of a smaller bodied guitar while still delivering the volume, punch, and bass of a dreadnaught. The solid Sitka Spruce top and rosewood back and sides give the...

[Eastman AC922CE]Eastman AC922CE

This is an amazing instrument, and the price cannot be beat! Indian Rosewood back and sides, Engelmann Spruce top, 3-piece laminated neck, Mother of pearl trim all over the top, sound port(!) and armrest bevel. The sustain on this guitar is huge...

[Eastman ACTG1]Eastman ACTG1

Back in stock!!

Going somewhere and don't have room for a full-sized case? Don't let that stop you from playing, with this travel guitar from Eastman.

Laminated Sapele back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top give this guit...

[Eastman E10D-SB & Hard Case    ]Eastman E10D-SB & Hard Case


Built with the methods and materials of the “Golden Era” of the 30’s & 40’s. Solid Adirondack spruce top, solid mahogany back & sides with extremely dynamic response, from soft picking to hard strumming. Glorious full-bodied to...
[Eastman E20OM]Eastman E20OM

With solid rosewood back and sides and a solid Adirondack spruce top, the Eastman E20OM has amazing dynamic range. OM’s are articulate and comfortable to play due to their reduced body depth. It has a well-balanced tone that's suitable for fi...

[Eastman MD315 Mandolin]Eastman MD315 Mandolin

Back in stock!

Outstanding value from Eastman! High end quality in an entry level price mandolin! The MD315 has a full woody tone and the playability of a professional instrument!

Fully, hand carved, mandolin with spruce top ...

[Eastman T486B-SB]Eastman T486B-SB

The Eastman T486B-SB is a full-size 16 inch thinline electric guitar. The Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups give it that classic P-90 growl. The neck pickup is RWRP, so you get a true hum-bucking sound in the middle position. The Bigsby tailpie...

[Furch Blue GC-CM]Furch Blue GC-CM

Furch's new rebranded model line! The Blue line features an open-pore finish, which is particularly thin and really lets the wood speak, voiced top, and all solid wood. This is a Grand Concert size in American Red Cedar and African Mahogany. ...

[Furch D22TSR SGI Collection]Furch D22TSR SGI Collection


We had this traded back in on a Martin, so it's back up for sale! Now with a K&K Pure Mini with a volume control and a new pickguard.

This Furch D22TSR sounds amazing! The torrefied sitka spruce top combines excellently...

[Furch D24TSR SGI]Furch D24TSR SGI

Looks like this is the last SGI spec Torrefied Sitka/Rosewood Dreadnought that we will get, now that Furch has moved their North American headquarters to Nashville.

This is the 3rd Furch Dreadnought that has passed through our shop with ...

[Furch D31SM]Furch D31SM

This Furch D31SM sounds amazing. Extremely responsive, with the warm tone of mahogany.

We were so impressed with the consistently excellent tone and superior build quality of the Furch and Stonebridge guitars that passed through the sho...

[Furch D31SR]Furch D31SR


Deep bass and clear highs set this Furch D31SR apart.

We were so impressed with the consistently excellent tone and superior build quality of the Furch and Stonebridge guitars that passed through the shop, that we decided ...

[Furch G20CM-C]Furch G20CM-C


This G20CM-C is a Grand Auditorium size guitar from Furch's Millenium line. It's got the bare-bones level of appointments, but the sound is anything but bare-bones. The Cedar top and Mahogany back and sides give it a rich, warm ...

[Furch RS31TSR]Furch RS31TSR


Reminiscent of a Gibson Advanced Jumbo, this round shouldered Furch guitar has a boomy bass and clear, warm midrange. It has a Torrified sitka spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, and is part of the new SGI Collection.<...

[Goldstar GF-100JD]Goldstar GF-100JD

Goldstar "Bluegrass Album" banjo, endorsed by J. D. Crowe! Amazing tone and playability.

This is one of the best playing and sounding banjos we've had through here in quite a while, and is an excellent price. Come try it out and see f...

[Grainger Stringbender Tele]Grainger Stringbender Tele


One of a handful of electric guitars that Jim built in the 1990's. This one features a birdseye maple neck, Swamp ash body, Seymour Duncan pickups, and a Parsons/White B-Bender. It just went through the shop for some setup work an...

[Huss & Dalton 000-SP]Huss & Dalton 000-SP


Our display area is limited and this unsold, new old stock guitar has just recently been displayed after being stored in our temperature & humidity controlled instrument storage room for several years. The Sitka spruce top East Indi...
[Huss & Dalton Crossroads after review]Huss & Dalton Crossroads after reviewHuss & Dalton certainly got it right with the Crossroads model! All the warm & woody tone of the vintage L-00 in a modern, great playing and very light weight modern guitar!

The first Crossroads we received, a prototype, sold very quic...

[Huss & Dalton D-RH]Huss & Dalton D-RH


The Huss & Dalton D-RH. "A powerful dreadnought tempered with a boost to the midrange for a more balanced tonal quality. Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce are standard." Ours includes the Flat Top option, as well as Waverly tuners.
[Huss & Dalton DM Custom]Huss & Dalton DM Custom


This is Huss & Dalton's standard DM model, with a Thermo-cured Sitka spruce top. Great tone that sounds fantastic with bluegrass, rock and fingerstyle!

Tweed Hardshell Case included

[Huss & Dalton DS Road Edition]Huss & Dalton DS Road Edition


This is our first new Huss and Dalton in the shop in a while, and it is a bluegrass machine!

Features include

  • Sitka Spruce top with Sunburst
  • Indian Rosewood back & sides
  • Gloss Top...
[Huss & Dalton Model 0]Huss & Dalton Model 0


Huss & Dalton's new addition to their 12-fret line! The Model 0 is a real cannon, with it's Engleman spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back & sides. This amazing little guitar is only 13 1/2" wide at the lower bout, but has the v...
[Huss & Dalton OM Custom]Huss & Dalton OM Custom

Huss & Dalton's standard OM appointments, built with the "flat-top" construction method for extra power and projection, with a "Sinker" Redwood top, and Cocobolo back and sides. This guitar is bold and loud in volume with excellent sustain. The...

[Huss & Dalton TD-M Custom]Huss & Dalton TD-M Custom

Powerful and loud! This Huss & Dalton has volume in spades! Thermo-cured Sitka spruce top, with beautiful figured mahogany back and sides. (I tried to get some decent photos, but dark wood under a high-gloss finish is difficult: I should h...

[Huss & Dalton TD-R Thermo-cured Red Spruce Top]Huss & Dalton TD-R Thermo-cured Red Spruce Top


Huss & Dalton's traditional style flattop brings the best of the past to the present! Powerful and rich tone made much richer with the thermo-cured Adirondack spruce top!

Flat top build style with grained ivoroid binding, e...

[Huss & Dalton TOM-M Custom Torrefied Red Spruce Tp]Huss & Dalton TOM-M Custom Torrefied Red Spruce Tp


This Huss & Dalton TOM-M combines lovely understated classic styling with the tonal warmth of solid mahogany and clarity and lush richness from the thermo- cured adirondack spruce top.

Flat top build style with tortoise bin...

[Nashville Guitar Company Mahogany ]Nashville Guitar Company Mahogany

Nashville Guitar Co #04136, From 2005. This lively guitar has Mahogany back and sides, and a split-wood top. The perfectly quartersawn Sitka on the bass side has beautiful silking, and the Adirondack on the Treble side has nice straight, tight...

[Stelling Afton Star]Stelling Afton Star


Not only is this Stelling Afton Star surprising light, it's surprisingly loud! Mahogany neck and resonator, with a Tony Pass Birch Block Rim. This "woody" has no tone ring; The head sits directly on the shell. The tone of this banj...
[Stelling Red Fox]Stelling Red Fox

This Stelling Red Fox banjo features flamed maple that is stained in a dark red color. It shows old-world craftsmanship and Geoff Stelling's attention to detail. It has Stelling's patented wedge-fit tone chamber with a Tony Pass Timeless Timbe...

[Stelling Red Fox Banjo & Case]Stelling Red Fox Banjo & Case

One of Stelling's newest models, inspired by master banjoist Bill Emerson, the Red Fox is also Stelling's best selling model with its universal appeal and acceptance as a classic banjo design. The fancy curly maple used in this model is e...

[Huss and Dalton]

Huss and Dalton Guitars are hand-crafted in Staunton Virginia. With unsurpassed workmanship and attention to detail, these guitars combine the power and tone of the best of the pre-WWII "Holy Grail" instruments with the feel and playability of a modern guitar. We try to keep at least one of each model in stock at all times, however, Huss & Dalton's production is only eight to ten guitars a month, so a particular model may be sold out for some time before we can get another one. All models have an ebony fingerboard and bridge and mother-of-pearl inlays.

J.W. Gallagher & Son is a guitar company based in Wartrace Tennessee. Doc Watson and Steve Kaufman are just two of the well-known artists that love their Gallagher guitars. Gallagher has been making guitars since 1965. We also try to keep several models of Gallagher guitars in stock at all times.