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1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo

[1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo]


This is a retopped guitar. If you're looking for a perfect, all original instrument, you need to look elsewhere. If you want a fantastic playing and sounding guitar with all the character of a 50s Gibson for half the price, this may be the one for you.

I have included some pics of the original top. As you can see, the original had a hole under the bridge through to the bridgeplate, which had been replaced with one that's about 1/4" thick, not to mention way too big.

As some Gibsons are, this is an odd bird. The FON (Z745) on the neck block is a 1952, and that's why I've listed it for that year. It also has a tapered headstock, which the Gruhn book says was stopped by mid 1950. The guitar came into our shop with the large pickguard, which was started in 1955. So it may have returned to Gibson in the mid-late 50s for some problem and had the pickguard replaced then.

It has a hefty C-shaped neck, and a strong, warm tone. As a consequence of being retopped, it has had a neck reset, and should not need another one for quite a long time.

  • 7/64" bass side at 12th fret
  • 5/64" treble side at 12th fret
  • 5/16" saddle height between 3rd & 4th strings
  • 1 11/16" wide at the nut


[1952 Gibson SJ Full Front]
1952 Gibson SJ Full Front
[1952 Gibson SJ Headstock Front]
1952 Gibson SJ Headstock Front
[1952 Gibson SJ Headstock Side showing taper]
1952 Gibson SJ Headstock Side showing taper
[1952 Gibson SJ Headstock Rear]
1952 Gibson SJ Headstock Rear
[1952 Gibson SJ Fingerboard]
1952 Gibson SJ Fingerboard
[1952 Gibson SJ Fingerboard tab]
1952 Gibson SJ Fingerboard tab
[1952 Gibson SJ Bridge]
1952 Gibson SJ Bridge
[1952 Gibson SJ Bridge & Top]
1952 Gibson SJ Bridge & Top
[1952 Gibson SJ Full Rear]
1952 Gibson SJ Full Rear
[1952 Gibson SJ Heel]
1952 Gibson SJ Heel
[1952 Gibson SJ Back]
1952 Gibson SJ Back
[1952 Gibson SJ Original Top Outside]
1952 Gibson SJ Original Top Outside
[1952 Gibson SJ Original Top Inside]
1952 Gibson SJ Original Top Inside
[1952 Gibson SJ Original top bridgeplate]
1952 Gibson SJ Original top bridgeplate
[1952 Gibson SJ Original top under bridge]
1952 Gibson SJ Original top under bridge
[1952 Gibson SJ Neck Block & FON]
1952 Gibson SJ Neck Block & FON