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1968 Gibson B-25

[1968 Gibson B-25]


This is a great playing small-bodied Gibson guitar! It has a spruce top with the classic 3-tone gibson sunburst that is truly iconic. Mahogany back and sides give it a nice warm tone, and it also features an adjustable rosewood bridge. There is evidence that the neck/headstock was broken at one time, but it has held stable for a number of years at this point. Significant weather checking all over the guitar and various dings and scratches give this guitar a very nice "mojo". ~5lbs nut width: 1-9/16" Hard case included


[1968 Gibson B-25 Full Front]
1968 Gibson B-25 Full Front
[1968 Gibson B-25 Headstock]
1968 Gibson B-25 Headstock
[1968 Gibson B-25 Top]
1968 Gibson B-25 Top
[1968 Gibson B-25 Full Back]
1968 Gibson B-25 Full Back
[1968 Gibson B-25 Headstock Rear]
1968 Gibson B-25 Headstock Rear
[1968 Gibson B-25 Headstock crack]
1968 Gibson B-25 Headstock crack
[1968 Gibson B-25 Rear]
1968 Gibson B-25 Rear