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Stelling Red Fox Banjo & Case

[Stelling Red Fox Banjo & Case]

One of Stelling's newest models, inspired by master banjoist Bill Emerson, the Red Fox is also Stelling's best selling model with its universal appeal and acceptance as a classic banjo design. The fancy curly maple used in this model is enhanced by the reddish stain. The Red Fox in the peghead and the abalone maple leaves in the fingerboard help to make this visually a very striking model.

The sound of this banjo, with it's Tony Pass Timeless Timbre rim, is very balanced, full & powerful with very strong and deep bass and clear trebles all the way up the neck. It is also extremely responsive with great dynamic range and capable of sweet sustaining notes when played softly or tremendous volume when played hard. It comes in an emerald green crushed velvet lined premium arched top premium TKL hard shell case.

Retail price = $5,250.00
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[Front view]
Front view
[Red Fox headstock inlay]
Red Fox headstock inlay
[Nickel plated metal parts]
Nickel plated metal parts
[Curly maple neck wood]
Curly maple neck wood
[Curly maple resonator]
Curly maple resonator
[Fingerboard inlays]
Fingerboard inlays
[Upper fingerboard inlays]
Upper fingerboard inlays
[Back of headstock]
Back of headstock
[Name block inlay detail]
Name block inlay detail
[Red Fox headstock inlay detail]
Red Fox headstock inlay detail
[Resonator side view]
Resonator side view
[Comes in premium hard shell case]
Comes in premium hard shell case
[Curly maple resonator side]
Curly maple resonator side