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Kalamazoo KM-21 Mandolin & Case

[Kalamazoo KM-21 Mandolin & Case]


This Kalamazoo KM-21 Mandolin came into our shop with a couple of back cracks, which have been repaired. Bridge and pickguard are the originals. The tuners have been replaced with new set of Golden Age Relic tuners and a new original style Clamshell tailpiece has been installed.

The mandolin plays great! There is some fret wear, but not enough yet to hurt the playability, and the frets appear to be the originals.

The Factory Order Number is 222A, which indicates it a 1935, but supposedly production of the KM-21 mandolins didn't begin until 1936, so it must be a 1936 model.

Comes in a non original hard shell case.


[Kalamazoo KM-21 Top]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Top
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Back]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Back
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Headstock]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Headstock
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Top Detail]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Top Detail
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Fingerboard]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Fingerboard
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Pickguard Detail]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Pickguard Detail
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Headstock Back & Tuners]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Headstock Back & Tuners
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Back of Neck]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Back of Neck
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Treble Side]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Treble Side
[Kalamazoo KM-21 Bass Side]
Kalamazoo KM-21 Bass Side