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Eastman AC-DR2

[Eastman AC-DR2]


After the first all solid Sapele Eastman came in and we were so impressed with it's outstanding tone and volume, we ordered replacements! The solid Sapele top gives the guitar great warmth & fullness to go with it's incredible power and dynamics. The guitar also has excellent playability.

Comes in a nice padded gig bag and lifetime warranty.

Specifications from Eastman


[Eastman AC-DR2 Neck Joint & Heel]
Eastman AC-DR2 Neck Joint & Heel
[Eastman AC-DR2 Top]
Eastman AC-DR2 Top
[Eastman AC-DR2 Shoulder]
Eastman AC-DR2 Shoulder
[Eastman AC-DR2 Headstock Rear]
Eastman AC-DR2 Headstock Rear
[Eastman AC-DR2 Front Full]
Eastman AC-DR2 Front Full
[Eastman AC-DR2 Back]
Eastman AC-DR2 Back
[Eastman AC-DR2 Headstock Front]
Eastman AC-DR2 Headstock Front