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Regal Duolian RC-1

[Regal Duolian RC-1]


Got the blues? So bad? Well, this guitar will not cure them, but it will give you that Delta sound.

The nickel plated steel body and spun aluminium cone give this instrument its distinctive tone. The body is polished to a mirror finish, and the mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard feels solid and comfortable in your hands.

Whether you play with a slide or just a pick, this one has that classic tone.


[Regal Full Front]
Regal Full Front
[Regal Headstock Rear]
Regal Headstock Rear
[Regal Body Rear]
Regal Body Rear
[Regal Full Back]
Regal Full Back
[Regal Body Front]
Regal Body Front
[Regal Headstock]
Regal Headstock