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Eastman T486B-SB

[Eastman T486B-SB]

The Eastman T486B-SB is a full-size 16 inch thinline electric guitar. The Seymour Duncan Phat Cat pickups give it that classic P-90 growl. The neck pickup is RWRP, so you get a true hum-bucking sound in the middle position. The Bigsby tailpiece, tunematic bridge, and vintage-style tuners round out the hardware.

The top and back are laminated maple, and the neck is maple, too. All have light-medium curl figure, which is nicely enhanced by the sunburst finish.


[Eastman T486B-SB Back]
Eastman T486B-SB Back
[Eastman T486B-SB Full Rear]
Eastman T486B-SB Full Rear
[Eastman T486B-SB Headstock Rear]
Eastman T486B-SB Headstock Rear
[Eastman T486B-SB Full Front]
Eastman T486B-SB Full Front
[Eastman T486B-SB Top]
Eastman T486B-SB Top
[Eastman T486B-SB Headstock Front]
Eastman T486B-SB Headstock Front