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Eastman AC-GA2CE

[Eastman AC-GA2CE]

Another in Eastman's Solid Sapele series, the AC-GA2CE is a Grand Auditorium size, so it has some of the qualities of a smaller bodied guitar while still delivering the volume, punch, and bass of a dreadnaught. The solid Sapele top gives the guitar great warmth & fullness.

The included Fishman Sonitone system features a soundhole mounted preamp with rotary controls

Gig Bag included.


[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Full Front]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Full Front
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Headstock Front]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Headstock Front
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Soundhole Detail]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Soundhole Detail
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Bridge Detail]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Bridge Detail
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Cutaway Detail]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Cutaway Detail
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Neck Joint Detail]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Neck Joint Detail
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Full Back]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Full Back
[Eastman AC-GACE-2 Headstock Back]
Eastman AC-GACE-2 Headstock Back