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Eastman E20OM

[Eastman E20OM]

With solid rosewood back and sides and a solid Adirondack spruce top, the Eastman E20OM has amazing dynamic range. OM’s are articulate and comfortable to play due to their reduced body depth. It has a well-balanced tone that's suitable for fingerpickers and strummers alike. The setup was adjusted in house to ensure it meets our high standards of playability.

Hardshell case included.


[Eastman E20OM Full Front]
Eastman E20OM Full Front
[Eastman E20OM Soundhole Detail]
Eastman E20OM Soundhole Detail
[Eastman E20OM Bridge Detail]
Eastman E20OM Bridge Detail
[Eastman E20OM Headstock Front]
Eastman E20OM Headstock Front
[Eastman E20OM Headstock Rear]
Eastman E20OM Headstock Rear
[Eastman E20OM Back]
Eastman E20OM Back
[Eastman E20OM Full Back]
Eastman E20OM Full Back
[Eastman E20OM Heel Detail]
Eastman E20OM Heel Detail