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Furch D31SM

[Furch D31SM]

This Furch D31SM sounds amazing. Extremely responsive, with the warm tone of mahogany.

We were so impressed with the consistently excellent tone and superior build quality of the Furch and Stonebridge guitars that passed through the shop, that we decided to pick them up. Every one of them has had boutique-quality volume and tone, without the boutique level price.

This guitar's details and a video


[Furch D31SM Full Back]
Furch D31SM Full Back
[Furch D31SM Headstock Rear]
Furch D31SM Headstock Rear
[Furch D31SM Heel Detail]
Furch D31SM Heel Detail
[Furch D31SM Back]
Furch D31SM Back
[Furch D31SM Body]
Furch D31SM Body
[Furch D31SM Headstock]
Furch D31SM Headstock
[Furch D31SM Full Front]
Furch D31SM Full Front