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Furch RS31TSR

[Furch RS31TSR]


Reminiscent of a Gibson Advanced Jumbo, this round shouldered Furch guitar has a boomy bass and clear, warm midrange. It has a Torrified sitka spruce top and Indian Rosewood back and sides, and is part of the new SGI Collection.

This guitar's details and a video


[Furch RS31TSR Full Front]
Furch RS31TSR Full Front
[Furch RS31TSR Headstock Front]
Furch RS31TSR Headstock Front
[Furch RS31TSR Top]
Furch RS31TSR Top
[Furch RS31TSR Soundhole Detail]
Furch RS31TSR Soundhole Detail
[Furch RS31TSR Back]
Furch RS31TSR Back
[Furch RS31TSR Headstock Rear]
Furch RS31TSR Headstock Rear