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1938 Gibson L-00

[1938 Gibson L-00]


This is one of the cleanest prewar Gibsons that we have had pass through the shop. The guitar is completely original throughout -- no parts have been changed. One 6"-8" back crack that has been repaired some time ago, with a couple of cleats, and one 6"-8" side crack near the top kerfing in the treble waist, which has also been well repaired. There is no evidence of it ever having had a neck reset.

The classic "V" neck feels primal in the hand. It plays great: The action feels just right to us. The saddle is right around 1/8" high in the center, giving it plenty of volume. The tone is warm and bright. The Frets have some wear in the first position, but have lots of life left in them..

Original purple-lined hard shell case included.


[1938 Gibson L-00 Heel]
1938 Gibson L-00 Heel
[1938 Gibson L-00 Back Crack]
1938 Gibson L-00 Back Crack
[1938 Gibson L-00 Side]
1938 Gibson L-00 Side
[1938 Gibson L-00 Full Front]
1938 Gibson L-00 Full Front
[1938 Gibson L-00 Headstock]
1938 Gibson L-00 Headstock
[1938 Gibson L-00 Headstock Rear]
1938 Gibson L-00 Headstock Rear
[1938 Gibson L-00 Fingerboard]
1938 Gibson L-00 Fingerboard
[1938 Gibson L-00 Neck Rear]
1938 Gibson L-00 Neck Rear
[1938 Gibson L-00 Top Detail]
1938 Gibson L-00 Top Detail
[1938 Gibson L-00 Back]
1938 Gibson L-00 Back