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1938 Gibson J-35

[1938 Gibson J-35]

Just looking at the moderate pick wear on the top tells me that someone really loved to play this guitar.

Frets 1-9 have been replaced and the original nut has been shimmed with a thin piece of bone. This work is hardly noticeable. The action is comfortable and the guitar sounds great. It's not quite as boomy as some other J-35s we have had through the shop.

The X braces are tapered with no scalloping, and it has 3 tone bars. The neck has a comfortable "V" shape.

There is one center seam crack on the top which has been sealed, but there are no cleats on the top. There is a long back crack that is solid.

Period correct Red Line hard shell case included.


[1938 Gibson J-35 Full Front]
1938 Gibson J-35 Full Front
[1938 Gibson J-35 Headstock]
1938 Gibson J-35 Headstock
[1938 Gibson J-35 Top]
1938 Gibson J-35 Top
[1938 Gibson J-35 Wear around soundhole]
1938 Gibson J-35 Wear around soundhole
[1938 Gibson J-35 Back]
1938 Gibson J-35 Back
[1938 Gibson J-35 Back Crack]
1938 Gibson J-35 Back Crack
[1938 Gibson J-35 Heel]
1938 Gibson J-35 Heel
[1938 Gibson J-35 Headstock Rear]
1938 Gibson J-35 Headstock Rear