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2016 Martin 000-14 Fret Custom Shop

[2016 Martin 000-14 Fret Custom Shop]


The rich, warm tone of this Martin perfectly complements the visually beautiful sunburst.

Essentially a 14 Fret 000-18, this guitar was built in the Martin Custom shop to Wildwood specs, including the "progressively scalloped" tone bars. These braces are scalloped beyond the normal scalloping in order to further reduce the mass of the top:

While top & bracing materials vary widely throughout the line, the Wildwood Formula highlights the accepted performance benchmark of an Adirondack top & X-bracing AND partners the assembly with a noticeably different compliment of top tone bars. "Progressively scalloped bars, not commonly found among the standard lineup, exploit the strength of the legendary Martin X-brace while reducing mass from the overall assembly with the goal of quickening the top and promoting maximum tonal spectrum. Compared to the standard tone bars found extensively throughout the Martin lineup, progressively scalloped tone bars are shorter in peak height by 25% to nearly 40% respectively, and are measured to provide an overall weight reduction of approximately 20% in contrast to their normal counterparts. -- Wildwood Guitars
Also features Adirondack Spruce top and braces, Mahogany back and sides, abalone dot fingerboard inlay, and old OM style pickguard.


[Martin 000 Heel]
Martin 000 Heel
[Martin 000 Full Back]
Martin 000 Full Back
[Martin 000 Headstock Rear]
Martin 000 Headstock Rear
[Martin 000 Top Detail]
Martin 000 Top Detail
[Martin 000 Bridge]
Martin 000 Bridge
[Martin 000 Fingerboard]
Martin 000 Fingerboard
[Martin 000 Full Front]
Martin 000 Full Front
[Martin 000 Headstock Front]
Martin 000 Headstock Front