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1977 Martin D-35

[1977 Martin D-35]


This is a very nice sounding Martin D-35. We have gone through it and done all of the work that it needed, so it's ready for another 40 years of playing.

We reset the neck, added a graphite-epoxy neck support (this is in addition to the original Aluminum tube), trued the frets, replaced the bridge saddle with bone, repaired a pickguard crack on the top, and replaced the warped pickguard with a new one. It plays as good as a brand new one, now.

The original bridge saddle and pickguard are included.

Original Blue hardshell case included.


[1977 Martin D-35 Headstock]
1977 Martin D-35 Headstock
[1977 Martin D-35 Top]
1977 Martin D-35 Top
[1977 Martin D-35 Big Back]
1977 Martin D-35 Big Back
[1977 Martin D-35 Back]
1977 Martin D-35 Back