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Eastman AC922CE

[Eastman AC922CE]


This is an amazing instrument, and the price cannot be beat! Indian Rosewood back and sides, Engelmann Spruce top, 3-piece laminated neck, Mother of pearl trim all over the top, sound port(!) and armrest bevel. The sustain on this guitar is huge. There are just a handful of these stunning guitars in the country right now.

Leather-bound hardshell case included


[Eastman AC922CE Headstock Rear]
Eastman AC922CE Headstock Rear
[Eastman AC922CE Neck joint and heel cap]
Eastman AC922CE Neck joint and heel cap
[Eastman AC922CE Side and Soundport]
Eastman AC922CE Side and Soundport
[Eastman AC922CE Back]
Eastman AC922CE Back
[Eastman AC922CE In case]
Eastman AC922CE In case
[Eastman AC922CE Headstock Inlay]
Eastman AC922CE Headstock Inlay
[Eastman AC922CE Fingerboard Inlay]
Eastman AC922CE Fingerboard Inlay
[Eastman AC922CE Soundhole inlay and fingerboard tab trim]
Eastman AC922CE Soundhole inlay and fingerboard tab trim
[Eastman AC922CE Full Rear]
Eastman AC922CE Full Rear
[Eastman AC922CE Full Front]
Eastman AC922CE Full Front
[Eastman AC922CE Armrest Bevel]
Eastman AC922CE Armrest Bevel
[Eastman AC922CE Side of neck]
Eastman AC922CE Side of neck
[Eastman AC922CE Bridge Inlay]
Eastman AC922CE Bridge Inlay