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1981 Yamaha FG-351SB

[1981 Yamaha FG-351SB]

This striking Yamaha FG-351SB hails from 1981. It's loosely copied after a Gibson Hummingbird, with large fingerboard inlays, stenciled pickguard and a beautiful cherry sunburst finish. In excellent condition, it does have a few minor dings and dents, but far fewer than I would expect from a 38 year old instrument.

The tone is rich and full, though heavy on the mids and a little light on the bass. The playability is outstanding, and it nearly plays itself, but doesn't rattle when I bang on it.

Original Yamaha hardshell case included.


[Yamaha FG-351SB Headstock]
Yamaha FG-351SB Headstock
[Yamaha FG-351SB Pickguard]
Yamaha FG-351SB Pickguard
[Yamaha FG-351SB Full Rear]
Yamaha FG-351SB Full Rear
[Yamaha FG-351SB Full Front]
Yamaha FG-351SB Full Front
[Yamaha FG-351SB In Case]
Yamaha FG-351SB In Case