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Goldstar GF-100JD

[Goldstar GF-100JD]

Goldstar "Bluegrass Album" banjo, endorsed by J. D. Crowe! Amazing tone and playability.

This is one of the best playing and sounding banjos we've had through here in quite a while, and is an excellent price. Come try it out and see for yourself!

Hardshell Case included


[Goldstar GF-100JD Full Rear]
Goldstar GF-100JD Full Rear
[Goldstar GF-100JD Neck and top]
Goldstar GF-100JD Neck and top
[Goldstar GF-100JD Headstock and Neck]
Goldstar GF-100JD Headstock and Neck
[Goldstar GF-100JD Full Front]
Goldstar GF-100JD Full Front