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1961 Gibson J50

[1961 Gibson J50]

Very clean 1961 Gibson J50 for sale. Sounds excellent and plays like a brand new guitar. Has a nice boom with some punch as well.

Action at the 12th fret is on 4/64" on the treble and 6/64" on the bass, with the bridge saddle at ~3/16" in the center. Neck is nice and straight, and 1-11/16" at the nut. Not as narrow as some of their later instruments.

Has some assorted dings and scrapes that I would expect from a guitar of this age, but is in quite a bit better shape than most that I've seen.

Hardshell case included.


[1961 Gibson J-50 Full Front]
1961 Gibson J-50 Full Front
[1961 Gibson J-50 Headstock]
1961 Gibson J-50 Headstock
[1961 Gibson J-50 Pickguard]
1961 Gibson J-50 Pickguard
[1961 Gibson J-50 Bridge Detail]
1961 Gibson J-50 Bridge Detail
[1961 Gibson J-50 Headstock Rear]
1961 Gibson J-50 Headstock Rear
[1961 Gibson J-50 Neck Joint]
1961 Gibson J-50 Neck Joint
[1961 Gibson J-50 Back]
1961 Gibson J-50 Back