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2000 Larrivee DV-05

[2000 Larrivee DV-05]


This Twenty year old Larrivee has barely been played! The lady that traded it in said it was just too big for her. Hopefully it will be just the right size for you.

Cutaway dreadnaught with sitka spruce top and nice mahogany back and sides. Cutaway for access to the upper frets. Plays great and sounds great.

Has a handful of very minor finish blemishes and the lacquer is drying down into the pores of the mahogany, as it does as it ages.

Original hardshell case included.


[2000 Larrivee DV-05 Full Rear]
2000 Larrivee DV-05 Full Rear
[2000 Larrivee DV-05 Cutaway Rear & Heel]
2000 Larrivee DV-05 Cutaway Rear & Heel
[Soundhole & Cutaway]
Soundhole & Cutaway
[Headstock Rear]
Headstock Rear
[2000 Larrivee DV-05 Full Front]
2000 Larrivee DV-05 Full Front
[2000 Larrivee DV-05 Headstock]
2000 Larrivee DV-05 Headstock
[2000 Larrivee DV-05 Soundhole & Bridge]
2000 Larrivee DV-05 Soundhole & Bridge