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1916 Gibson A Mandolin

[1916 Gibson A Mandolin]


Here's a nice piece of history. Nice low, open sound typical of a good oval hole mandolin. Plays great, and the neck is nice and straight.

The condition is excellent, but we refinished this instrument back several years ago, and it has been well taken care of since then.

New hardshell case as well as original case included (That's 2 cases!)

Sorry, no trades


[1916 Gibson A Full Front]
1916 Gibson A Full Front
[1916 Gibson A Headstock Front]
1916 Gibson A Headstock Front
[1916 Gibson A Fingerboard]
1916 Gibson A Fingerboard
[1916 Gibson A Top]
1916 Gibson A Top
[1916 Gibson A Full Rear]
1916 Gibson A Full Rear
[1916 Gibson A Headstock Rear]
1916 Gibson A Headstock Rear
[1916 Gibson A Back]
1916 Gibson A Back