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Taylor 618E sunburst with Case

[Taylor 618E sunburst with Case]


The newest shape to join the Taylor family unleashes the boldest, richest voice available in a Taylor guitar. Just as the Grand Symphony yields a deeper, more powerful voice than the Grand Auditorium, the Grand Orchestra stands out as a more robust alternative to the Grand Symphony.

The GO shape features a slightly bigger footprint and a deeper body, which helps produce a potent low-end response. Under the hood, a new bracing scheme optimizes the movement of the soundboard to produce louder, more complex tone with incredible sustain. What separates the Grand Orchestra from other big-bodied guitars is how balanced the tone is from top to bottom, especially given its brawny bass. And unlike other big-body guitars that require an aggressive attack to get the top moving, the GO is responsive to a light touch, rewarding players who have a dynamic playing style. If you crave a guitar sound that’s brimming with power and rich detail, the Grand Orchestra won’t disappoint. From big cowboy chords to lush fingerstyle arrangements, the Grand Orchestra might be the most expressive and versatile big guitar you ever play.

While maple is known for its bright tone and fast decay, the Grand Orchestra design enriches maple’s natural tonal palette to produce a full-bodied voice with impressive sustain. Big Leaf maple is paired with a Sitka spruce top featuring a new bracing scheme, which adds responsiveness to the powerful output.

Taylor's lovely Tobacco Sunburst gives this guitar striking good looks and the guitar also features a Taylor Expression System. The ES is an all-magnetic acoustic guitar pickup system that works like a microphone to produce a pure signal and a warm, natural acoustic sound. When you plug in, you'll hear the sound of your guitar, not the sound of the pickup. No complicated controls. No tone simulators. Just a clean amplified acoustic guitar sound supported by three simple controls — volume, bass and treble.

The ES was designed in-house, alongside our acoustic guitars, which allowed us to build the ES seamlessly into the design of the guitar, for an integrated pickup system unlike any other. From the design and location of the body and string sensors to the voicing of the preamp, the ES is fully optimized for the Taylor sound. The elegant design, including the non-intrusive control knobs, also preserves the aesthetic of a Taylor guitar.


[Taylor 618e Tobacco Sunburst]
Taylor 618e Tobacco Sunburst
[Back view]
Back view
[Curly maple back & sides]
Curly maple back & sides
[Comes in Premium Hard Shell Case]
Comes in Premium Hard Shell Case
[Back of headstock]
Back of headstock
[Front of headstock]
Front of headstock
[Fingerboard inlays]
Fingerboard inlays