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1967 Fender Mustang & case

[1967 Fender Mustang & case]

All original well played 1967 Mustang guitar with original case. Great playing and sounding Mustang with all original pots, switches, pickups, etc. all working great. Neck date and neckplate serial number are 1966, but pot date codes I've found on internet are 1967.


[Front lower body dings]
Front lower body dings
[Lower treble back dings]
Lower treble back dings
[Neck date]
Neck date
[Back of body]
Back of body
[Finish wear on back of neck]
Finish wear on back of neck
[Slight fingerboard wear.  Frets look great!]
Slight fingerboard wear. Frets look great!
[Original tuners]
Original tuners
[Front view]
Front view
[Headstock front]
Headstock front
[Lower bass back dings]
Lower bass back dings
[Front lower bass dings]
Front lower bass dings
[Upper horn dings & strap pin]
Upper horn dings & strap pin
[Front lower treble dings]
Front lower treble dings
[Front treble horn dings]
Front treble horn dings
[Tone pot]
Tone pot
[Original shielding]
Original shielding
[Volume pot]
Volume pot
[Pickguard  controls]
Pickguard controls
[1967 Fender Mustang & case]
1967 Fender Mustang & case