Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair

[banjo headstock] Welcome to Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair. Our shop, located on the side of a mountain near Sparta, TN, offers professional quality repair and restoration of fretted instruments such as guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc. Electric guitar repair, setups and electronics are a specialty.

We are an authorized warranty repair center for Fender, Takamine and Ovation, and are a dealer for several high quality musical instruments including guitars made by Eastman, Stonebridge/Furch, Huss & Dalton, and J.W. Gallagher & Son. We stock Eastman and Kentucky mandolins, Flinthill, Huss & Dalton, Stelling, and Ome banjos as well as McSpadden lap dulcimers and Dusty Strings hammer dulcimers.

We stock fretted instrument accessories, tuners by Korg and Peterson, strings for most fretted instruments and instructional and reference books and videos.

Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair
400 Firetower Road
Sparta, TN 38583-3746
9am - 5pm Monday-Friday
10am - 2pm Saturday

Our Latest 5 instruments. See our Products page to see the full list.
Name Description Price
[1964 Gibson RB-180]1964 Gibson RB-180

A fine example of Gibson's response to the "Folk Boom" of the 60s. This is a Long neck banjo, similar to the Vega that Pete Seeger played. The RB-180 features a Mastertone tone ring, heavy plywood shell in a black finish, bound fingerboard, ...

[1976 Gibson L-6S Custom]1976 Gibson L-6S Custom


Here's a Gibson L-6S Custom from 1976. Plays great and has a real diversity of sounds, ranging from thick and crunchy to thin and nasal.

Assorted minor dings and scratches. Tuners have been replaced with Kluson Deluxe ...

[1939 Kay S-9 Bass]1939 Kay S-9 Bass

Very clean 1939 Kay S-9 upright bass. Sounds excellent and plays well.

No signs of delamination or top separation anywhere. One visible repair performed on the neck/heel area at some time in the past. Owner stated that George C...

[1953 Martin 00-17]1953 Martin 00-17

A very clean 1953 Martin 00-17 just came through the door. Lovely warm tone, and the perfect size for playing on the couch.

Assorted dings and scratches, but this guitar is overall in fantastic condition. The neck is very straight,...

[1916 Washburn 1115]1916 Washburn 1115

A piece of history, and it even plays good.

This is a Washburn Model 1915 Style 1115. Its serial number is 38385, which by my research and guessing dates it to around 1916. It has Brazilian Rosewood on the back, sides, fingerboard and...