Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair

[banjo headstock] Welcome to Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair. Our shop, located on the side of a mountain near Sparta, TN, offers professional quality repair and restoration of fretted instruments such as guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc. Electric guitar repair, setups and electronics are a specialty.

We are an authorized warranty repair center for Fender, Takamine and Ovation, and are a dealer for several high quality musical instruments including guitars made by Eastman, Stonebridge/Furch, Huss & Dalton, and J.W. Gallagher & Son. We stock Eastman and Kentucky mandolins, Flinthill, Huss & Dalton, Stelling, and Ome banjos as well as McSpadden lap dulcimers and Dusty Strings hammer dulcimers.

We stock fretted instrument accessories, tuners by Korg and Peterson, strings for most fretted instruments and instructional and reference books and videos.

Custom Fretted Instruments & Repair
400 Firetower Road
Sparta, TN 38583-3746
9am - 5pm Monday-Friday
10am - 2pm Saturday

Our Latest 5 instruments. See our Products page to see the full list.
Name Description Price
[2004 Martin 000-28EC]2004 Martin 000-28EC


Great playing and sounding guitar that has fantastic sustain. Don't know what there is to say. It's a excellent modern take on a classic.

There is some pegwinder damage on the headstock (see pictures), otherwise this ...

[1972 Martin D-35]1972 Martin D-35


Nice old D-35.

This one has a nice tone, plays in tune and the action is just right. Great tone fingerpicked, but has some decent volume when you hit it.

It has had a few things done to it over the years. We ...

[1969 Gibson Hummingbird]1969 Gibson Hummingbird

This one has had a hard life, but Joyce worked diligently to revive it. This one really has some mojo, and is one of the better sounding Hummingbirds we've had through the shop

Joyce replaced several braces and top cracks and some very...

[1937 Martin D-28]1937 Martin D-28

This is one of the best sounding guitars to pass through our shop in a while. This one has been played hard, and was apparently used professionally by the original owners in the 30s and early 40s. After that, it spent several decades put up, wi...

[Grainger Stringbender Tele]Grainger Stringbender Tele


One of a handful of electric guitars that Jim built in the 1990's. This one features a birdseye maple neck, Swamp ash body, Seymour Duncan pickups, and a Parsons/White B-Bender. It just went through the shop for some setup work an...